“Hey!” A high pitched voice shouted over loud crowds. “Stop right now or else!” Suddenly, Enkidu rounded a corner while picking up speed. “Darn it, listen to me!” The groaned, clearly exasperated. Sprinting off ahead of her, there was a man with a wallet clutched tight in his hand. Now running at full tilt, the small girl weaved through confused groups that lined the sidewalk. Thinking the young woman had been lost when he could no longer hear her voice, the thief nimbly ducked into an alley. However, just when he thought he was safe, the tiny ball of fury rammed hard into his back.

They were now both sprawled out on the cement. Quick to act, Enkidu immediately grabbed for her wallet. But, the stranger refused to let up, yanking back on it as he rose. “Look, just… just give it back and I’ll let you go! I have somewhere to be and I don’t want to hurt you!” The school-girl barked. It was true – Enkidu could hurt him if she wanted, but getting too dirty before dinner wasn’t an option. The man answered her request with his fist. Knuckles connected with her cheek. Sparks went off behind her eyelids as she fell back with a gasp. The taste of blood filled her mouth and she grimaced, disappointment lighting her bright eyes.


Thinking his victim defeated, the robber snatched back his prize and started to take off. Lifting herself, the enraged girl made to follow. Yet, before she could steady herself, the scuff of feet drew her attention. Blinking back sharp pain, Enkidu glanced over her shoulder. Not noticing what had distracted his target, the robber started off again into the darkness; however, if he would escape or not seemed to rest solely on the individual approaching.

by WY@ケリトゥグゥ…
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